Painting Faces again.

Despite the stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, high-levels of caffeine, and inability to have a normal/successful social life, there is something about the arts that keeps us coming back. By ‘us’ I am of course referring to the addicts. The crazy few who spend days/weeks/months feeling restless and wander around completely numb, as though missing a limb when we should be relaxing and enjoying time away from the stress of the theatre. Those of us who drop everything at the click of a finger to fling ourselves headfirst into any opportunity to have even the slightest involvement in a production.

In my final year of studies I found myself directing the University’s musical. It was stressful. It was exhausting. It almost definitely had a negative affect on my final grade. It was probably the best thing I did in the entire three years I spent there.

This week I get to relive the thrill of a University musical. Having been eagerly awaiting Sussex University’s production of Spring Awakening for the past 5 months, I agreed last week to come on board as go-to hair and makeup lady. In the truly unconventional style that I approach pretty much everything in life with however, I cannot attend all 5 of the performances. Therefore, I got to spend yesterday giving tutorials on mid-1800 au naturale style stage makeup, teach college boys how to successfully apply eyeliner without looking emo, and create fail-safe plans to hold extreme hair styles in place under stage lights and through vigorous dance routines. This, my friends, is why I love theatre.


Lights. Camera. Action. (Or something like that..)

It’s show week. Traditionally this is where I suddenly find a burst of adrenaline that keeps me healthy before a massive crash of the immune system next week. This year however, the body decided to be keen and push things forward a week..

Health = horrific. Head = horrific. Stress levels = horrific. But the excitement levels are high.

With the current exhaustion felt after 9 hours of rehearsals, the prospect of a 15 hour day tomorrow is definitely making me want to cry. Having to deal with scaffolders, light-rigging, and endless soundchecks as of 9am, I can already predict my sense of humour will be massively lacking.. But the knowledge that the show is only 3 days (THREE DAYS) away is exceptionally giddy-making.

And with a cast and crew this beautiful, who can blame me for my excitement..

Such a pretty cast

So despite the fact that I doubt I’ll be sleeping over the next three days (stress/excitement/too much caffeine/the need to do my degree) I wouldn’t change a thing this week.

(And on the off-chance that anyone suddenly decides they’d like to travel to Brighton to see my show..)