“This is the life..”

“-Hold on tight..” as Hannah Montana sings. (Yes, I’m cool enough to listen to her)

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t really feel the need to hold on tight. Life isn’t going anywhere fast, and the birthday’s just around the corner so I’m pretty alright just relaxing and seeing how things go.. Chilling in the sun with Pimms and The Sims (Ha, I can rhyme..) is just about fine for me right now. Having said that of course, if anyone fancies installing a pool in the garden? Well, I wouldn’t say no..

Also, the Circus is in town. A fact that surprisingly makes me insanely happy.. I’m not usually a huge fan of the Circus, clowns are probably one of the scariest inventions ever, but Gifford’s Circus is by far one of the most incredible performances I’ve seen. Being far more theatrical through the use of an actual storyline and character empathy makes the show seem closer to a beautiful piece of physical theatre, as opposed to a “freak show” with animals. Plus, the fact that it’s in my village means I’m often privy to beautiful circus boys wandering around in various stages of undress. Nice.

So aside from the alcohol induced injuries (that was my fault, I should really learn that actually, wearing shoes with broken heels – if you start singing Alexandra Burke be warned, I *will* hurt you – isn’t such a fab plan.), the newly found insomnia (which really sucks. I *gave up* caffeine for fucks sake.), and the obvious lack of those crazies I’ve spent the past 10 months with, stuff’s pretty darn good. Oh indeed..