So, Autumn and Winter happened…

I’ve been offline for a while. And yes by “offline” I do in fact just mean “been-really-crap-at-blogging”, because actually all my other online selves have been pretty active.

So to sum up the past 4 and a half months:

– I spent a while without a house. You remember this, I was moaning about not having a house and having to spend all my time in starbucks so that I could steal their wifi in order to find a house. Well, improvement: I have a house.

– I have a house. A pretty nice one too. A really, pretty nice one in fact, with wooden floors and old fire places, and a garden, and such a massive improvement on the student house I resided in for the past 2 years, that in some ways the 4 months of sofa-surfing was totally worth the wait. In some ways. The back-pain and frequent tears were not.

– I have a job. Dude. I know, it’s almost like I’m getting control on life or something. Admittedly, it’s only part-time, but it’s keeping me busy, and keeping a roof over my head. So all in all, things are pretty good there too.

– I did another show. Remember last year when all I could talk about was Rent the musical and my degree show? Well, I did another one of the musical things. And this time it was all off my own back. Basically, I’m now one-third of the creative team behind the Brighton theatre company: Fight or Flight Productions. And we did a show. And it was pretty good. At some point I’ll probably go into more detail about how the 10 week process of a show was completely different to the several month process, but for now all you really need to know is that Company was fucking awesome. And that I won’t be stopping making theatre any time soon.

Okay, so that’s pretty much it. My life in four simple bullet points. I’ll be back soon with more bullet points, maybe.


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