Where did August go..?

I’m fairly sure there was a time when “summer holidays” were for playing in the park, spending everyday with friends you’ve had forever, and generally having a lazy, relaxing time whilst hating the fact that school got closer each week. Then this summer happened, or didn’t happen as the case may be, and I’m beginning to realise those “summers” are probably not gonna be around for a while. I don’t remember the last time I just sat in a park. I no longer have those ‘friends you’ve had forever’. And my lazy, relaxing days are now spent catching up on sleep before trotting off to another stupidly late night at work. Somehow, this is what ‘summer’ has become..

I’m an autumn girl at heart to be perfectly honest. I’d much prefer to be in a month that requires boots and a good hat than to be spending each day avoiding getting too much flesh out but at the same time needing to wear minimal clothing on account of being too bloody warm. But even so, swapping the calendar to August only to realise that we’re actually a good week into September was a tragic moment in life.

Seriously, where did August go? In my diary it says it definitely happened, but in my head all I see are lots of train journeys, and the memory of exceptionally tired (read painful) feet. It’s official, I’ve turned into a scary adult lady with no social life and the need for orthopedic footwear.


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