Days in pyjamas. Spent drinking coffee and playing cards. Beaut.

Today’s been one of those brilliantly chilled out days. One of those days that consists of thick woolly jumpers, massive cups of coffee, game after game of cards (and monopoly), roast potatoes, and a whole lot of ice cream. I love those kind of days..

I’d forgotten how very much I love board games. They remind me of friday nights living on campus last year. (Yes, we were a massively cool house..) And of those years, back in the day, when there were no responsibilities and no worries.

It’s been a tense 5 weeks. A tense 5 weeks that have seen tears and tantrums and blood and performances and a&e waiting rooms and not a lot of sleep but a hell of a lot of words. It’s nice to know those 5 weeks are over. Finally. Although it is now strange.. Waking up to the realisation that you have nowhere to be. Genuinely, there is no requirement for you to even leave the house. Hence the fact that I’m still in pyjamas, let’s be honest..

There’s something really refreshing though about knowing that despite the fact that I’m probably going to be even more stressed next year, even more so than your average third year student, it’ll be my own doing. And for something that I’m massively excited about. And that makes it okay.. Y’know?


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