It’s nice to be nice.

When I was a hell of a lot smaller than I am now, I never really understood how useful and important it is to know how and when to be nice to someone. My Uncle was a massive fan of the phrase “It’s nice to be nice”, and although I liked the ring to it, I didn’t really see it as a philosophy on how to live your life.. Not to say that I was a pint-sized-bitch, I just don’t think I ever consciously decided to be ‘nice’ per say.

Now however? Oh god, I deserve some serious gold stars for my nice-ness..

It’s been a stressful week. Week and a half. And it’ll no doubt be an even tougher 7 days this coming week. Exhaustion is familiar. Emotions are high. Food is a thing of the past. And tension is the new laugh. It’s the run up to our practical exam, needless to say, everyone is ready to snap.. And yet I’m finding tact, and the ability to remain calm and ‘nice’, is the toughest challenge.

There’s something remarkably intimate about theatre, especially as one of the performers: you spend such a large quantity of time with one another, and see each other at their best and worst moments. This is the same for a drama degree, to some extent. There is so much riding on us working as a group to create an incredible piece of work, and it can therefore, obviously, be stressful when people aren’t working to the same level or effort.

Now don’t get me wrong, our entire group is fab. All talented, all lovely, and all work exceedingly well together – which is actually surprising, I’d predicted more fireworks in that department. But it’s tough at this stage when everyone is exhausted, and stressed, and little things become massive issues. It’s at this point that remaining happy and calm and nice is essential..

I was directed to this site the other day, my housemate felt I could do with a smile, and it seems so fittingly perfect for what I’m trying to say. Little things, in all their glory, are what make each day special. I think it’s important to remember that, even when you’re ready to throw scalding coffee at someone, it’s nice to be nice..

Have a biscuit.


One thought on “It’s nice to be nice.

  1. Thanks for leaving this ‘smile’, Jess – and for reminding us of that ‘special person’- the comments and observations on your blog just make us love you all the more xxx

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