It’s deadline week..

..Which, naturally, prompts me to blog instead. Oh life. Occasionally I question why I’m doing a degree, and then I realise that I actually really enjoy it. I just need to sort my life out and not leave work till the last minute, Every Bloody Time. Besides, I woke up this morning to an email full of photos from Guys and Dolls, and I did promise you pics, so clearly this is higher up the priority list than my essay. Clearly.

So, you know how I spent a good 20 hours the weekend before the show making stripper dresses? Well, prepare to be impressed.. (or even just pitying because seriously, hand-sewing velcro is a bitch.)

The Hotbox Girls

Yep. That’s right. The Director decided to tell me on the Saturday (first night was Tuesday) that he wanted fishtail ball gowns. With velcro down the front so that we could (tastefully) strip off to..

Who knew Primark corsets and Spanx shorts would ever equal "sexy"..

So considering that the last time I sewed I was 14. And making a wall-hanging thing. I was actually pretty damn impressed with the final dresses.. Even if I do say so myself (:

Anyway, now you’ve got your photo fix, and I’ve killed another hour of essay time. It’s a win-win situation really..


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