I’m playing catch-up. Bear with me..

Show week started with a broken shoe. Ironically, it ended with a pair of broken shoes. Different shoes, but a pair all the same. It’s also ended with a broken phone, broken camera (again), and potentially broken toe. So much broken..

Show week also happened to be a good few weeks ago now. I apologise. Writer’s block has indeed been occurring. It’s a sad time.

The run up to show week was an insane whirlwind of intense all-day rehearsals and being pulled in to create 8 stripper dresses. Yes. You heard right. Stripper dresses. Now, the last time I used a sewing machine I was 14. And I was making an interesting wall-hanging thing that wasn’t exactly ever going to turn out as a masterpiece. And yet I still managed to allow myself to be talked into making dresses. In fact, not just any dresses.. Ball gowns. With velcro-to-allow-for-easy-removal fastenings. Jesus. How do I get myself into these situations? Now worry yourselves not, there is absolutely no way I let these beautiful creations go un-remembered, photos will follow.. (:

Have just realised I haven’t even said what show was being performed in show week. OhMan. It was Guys and Dolls. And it were fab.

In other news, fashion week was, as always, fantastic. Aside from the fact that I yet again spent the week in broken shoes and had the most-retro-nokia-in-the-world hiding in my pocket (My beautiful iphone had a tragic accident involving a sink. It was a sad day.), I had a pretty awesome week. The Giles Deacon show hands down won ‘favourite’, with the collection containing some of the most incredible dresses I’ve ever seen.. Take for example, exhibit numero 1:

Such a drastic change from his collection last season:

Having said that of course, I became an instant fan last September when I saw those insane pom-pom hats. B-e-a-utiful.


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