Home Alone.

I always loved the Home Alone movies, they just seem to scream christmas (don’t worry, I’m not about to go off on another woo-christmas rant so soon. I know it’s only January..) but for some reason I haven’t seen either of them in forever. Hearing that Macaulay Culkin turned 30 recently creeped me out. I mean, really? He’s that age already? That makes me feel old. And I’m only 19, I have no need to be feeling old yet. Well, until I start worrying about bills and rent and stuff.. But that’s a whole other story. Not one for a gloomy and soggy monday evening.

Yes. It’s raining. Again. What a bloody surprise.. So, naturally, I gave up on the ‘going out’ plans. Admittedly this probably makes me a really bad friend as it was for a birthday celebration. But y’know what? After the lengthy day of rehearsing I’ve had? Clubbing in the rain did *not* sound like my cup of tea. In fact not even a cup of tea sounded like my cup of tea. I just wanted to get into the pjs and curl up with a book. In actual fact this didn’t happen. I mean, the pjs did, the curling up didn’t.

Instead? Well, instead I got cooking.. The housemates are both out, and the father bought me a new cupcake recipe book a couple of weeks ago, a) it was reduced to £3, and b) due to my ever growing obsession with the damn things, so I figured I’d give a new recipe a go.. OH. MY. LIFE. Primrose Bakery have rapidly become my new favourite how-to guide for the ultimate cupcakes. Seriously.. Jude Law is a fan. This alone makes me think they’re probably quite good, but having made their cakes? Blimey.

I actually altered the recipe tonight due to our lack of raspberry jam, but it turns out strawberry works just as good. Anyhow, check these out..

R = Rosemary. J = Jess (x2). For the record..

These are actually mini ones, I mean like super-tiny. They’re dead cute.


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