That huge really long time that I didn’t write. Also known as Christmas..

I thought I really wanted it to hurry up and be 2011, naively had that positive attitude of ‘Yes. This term will be better than the last. Yes. This year will blow 2010 out of the water!’ That positive attitude is already wearing thin, and term hasn’t even started yet..

Screw it though. Despite having rehearsal clashes (already), as well as ridiculous amounts of reading to do (of things I don’t yet own), plus several socials to organise, and of course the christmas weight to lose, THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BLOODY WELL BE GOOD OR SO HELP ME THINGS WILL START TO BE THROWN.

I think living with a northerner has made me angrier. Or maybe just more open in my anger. Which could actually be a good thing.. If you think about. Which I am.

So, christmas (because it’s that first post since and it’s practically law that I therefore at the very least comment on it before moving on quickly.) It was pretty good actually, aside from the whole being hideously-ill-and-delirious for most of the weekend thing. That sucked. Y’know what’s really odd? I’ve always *loved* christmas, like really really been a big fan. But I think that, actually, I just love the lead up to it. The bustling and secret planning so that people don’t discover what you’ve bought them. The late night food shop that the mother and I do every year on December 23rd, even though we always say we’ll “plan earlier this year”. The several hours it takes me to get the christmas tree right (I may be a slight control freak when it comes to the tree. Maybe. Just a little..) The fact that I’M ACTUALLY ALLOWED TO PLAY CHRISTMAS SONGS AND PEOPLE WON’T SHOUT AT ME. That’s probably one of the faves.. And then it’s just all over. And the next week seems to be this big pile of anticlimactic eating, which then only makes you feel worse when you realise that life doesn’t stop at the new year and you actually still have to do things, and oh-shit-can’t-fit-in-the-clothes any more. That could be a problem, I don’t think they allow nudity on the streets..

But yeah, 2010. It was actually a pretty alright year, let’s be honest..


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