I care as much about X Factor as I do about football. Look at me blogging about everything but..

Firstly, I need to lay off the binbags. Secondly, I’m home.

There have been far too many occasions lately for which I’ve deemed it appropriate to dress entirely in bags. FAR TOO MANY. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve created some pretty fantastic items of clothing – there is definitely the opportunity for a fashion craze there – but really? Plastic bags? I need to work on my whole creative-thinking thing. Because I’m sure there are ways to dress up without looking like a bag-lady. Seriously.. I managed to wear them last Christmas for a ‘credit crunch’ theme, and then at Halloween to transform myself into a werewolf. Friday’s was mildly less exciting though really, a bag-lady. Genuinely. I guess it was kinda appropriate to be wearing bags then really..

Also, I really should have left my camera in it’s state of death. Whilst bringing it back to life was actually mega exciting – I essentially have the Jesus of cameras, this is possibly the 3rd time it’s died and then come back almost 6 months later – seeing those beautiful photos several days later was less exciting. More ‘oh-man-why-did-I-think-going-out-in-orange-sainsburys-bags-was-a-good-idea’. Yeah. Orange. That is never a good idea..

Anyway, everything else. Life (or the lack of as the case may be) has been interesting. No no, really. I’ve probably spent the best part of a week on the same square inch of my bed furiously typing 7500 words. That’s practically a dissertation. I shouldn’t be at that level of hell yet. No siree.. I’m just that muppet who leaves an entire weeks worth of deadlines until the weekend before, what a cliche.

On the plus side I’ve made it through what had the potential to be the most stressful term as of yet, who am I kidding, it *was* the most stressful term as of yet. But I survived, and now get to relax for a short while..



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