In the bleak mid-winter..

I know, I know. It’s the 13th of November. And so, technically, it’s still autumn. But wow does it feel like winter, aside from the whole rain thing anyway. The leaves aren’t crispy enough for it to be properly winter. But that’s besides the point.What my point was I’m not actually sure, but the crispiness of the leaves was certainly not it.

Oh yeah, I know, I know. It’s the 13th of November. I don’t care. Christmas is on my mind. It *is* Christmas in my mind. Oh my mind’s a fantastic place to be. So, to all you scrooges and people of the ‘you can’t be thinking about Christmas in November you weirdo’ way of thinking, y’know what I have to say to you..? *pokes tongue out* Nerrrr.

Ha. I showed you.

It’s possibly the fact that as a musician (HA. I use that term in the lightest possible way) you have to start preparing for Christmas, months in advance. Well, like, two.. But it does mean that you get that Christmassy feeling. That amazing, warm, snuggly, Christmassy feeling. And funnily enough, I’m not gonna complain about that.

My school always have a Christmas Carol concert in the last week of term, and family etc were invited along to listen and join in. It was, hands down, my favourite assembly of. the. year. Bloody awesome. And I’m really quite sad that I’m not going to be able to go this year. What with the brother not even being there anymore.. Sad times indeed.

There was this one song that they sing, ‘Gaudete‘, which I may have just spent half an hour trying to find online.. It’s one of those amazing latin songs that you can’t spell for all the sugar in the world. Anyway, gives me chills whenever I hear it.. Takes me straight back to the week before the concert when the brother would stalk about the house rehearsing for the choir. This is one of the few that, despite knowing it like the back of his hand, he’d keep singing. Wow. Serious goose bumps going on..

So yes, I’m in a festive mood. Have a Christmassy November 13th (:


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