Dinosaur stickers in the post.

That’s what my week has resulted in. The mother proving her absolute awesomeness and sending me shiny dinosaur stickers and playing cards..

It’s just been one of those weeks. Months. Terms really if we’re gonna be honest. So many people said that this term would be the toughest, but this is ridiculous. And I’ve just taken so much on as well.. Oh life.

Apparently I work better under stress. (I mean, this term’s grades will answer that once and for all, although so far it’s proven to be true.) But last week was a killer. Mental, draining and filled with flu. Beaut.

Two essays, a presentation, several killer rehearsals and a performance or two later and I’m officially ill. Only have the one more essay to go before I can start stressing about the next lot. Gah.. Oh and the assessed performance in a fortnight’s time that we *haven’t even begun to work on yet*. Bitter? Me? Never. Stressed? Oh hell yes.


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