My eyes are upsetting me. (Also, I’m bored, but that’s just a minor fact.)

I know, it sounds weird right? How can eyes upset you? But seriously, if these buggers don’t stop with the itchy-scratchy routine they’ve got going, I’m likely to gouge them out myself. Okay. That was a lie. But still, the thought is definitely there. (Also, apologies to the FHM who probably just read that and is now having a fluster-fest over the image of eyeballs and gouging. Well, at least, if she wasn’t before then she probably definitely is now. *Sorry*.)

Today I baked. All over again. Seriously, if all else fails I could definitely go down the white coat/white hat route (and no not a mental asylum worker, I’d be more likely the one commited there if we’re honest..). A) I can clearly stomach an entire day baking. So what difference is an entire every day baking going to make. And B) I’d get to wear a hat *everyday*. That’s like a dream come true.

So yeah, the house smells of bread again. Which is fortunate really considering the foul burnt oats smell it was hosting earlier. (I burnt the granola. You can’t blame me, really. It was the cat’s fault. That was also a lie. Damn, I should really stop just making stuff up. People’ll start believing I actually *am* a superhero. I know I know, difficult to believe that I don’t really put on a cape and fly the streets and night fighting crime. But y’know, it’s just one of those things..)

Also, I’m babbling. Plus I just burnt myself, which I never do, so it’s probably all the fault of my itchy eyes. Or the fact that I’m thinking about writing instead of the fact that I just put my bare hand in the oven, cause I’m a *genius*.

So, I’m gonna go deal with that. And the eyes. And maybe retry the granola. You have a nice Wednesday..


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