I was one fucked up teenager..

So, there I am, clearing out the crap that is currently carpeting my room, and I come across a poem that the budding author inside of me wrote only two years ago. Oh sweet jesus, I was one dark teenager.. Check this out.

Heavy, barren gasps

A silent plea

Entwined emotions, red on black


An empty vaccum of hate.

Greed and blame

Swirling poisons of green and grey

Engulfing smoke clouds

Clogging at her throat

Thick blackness soaking through her

Drenching her mind with sorrow

Sorrow and guilt

Washing over her pitied frame.

Skeletal being

Frozen under icy glares

Pierced heart from diamond shard words

Dark, sticky, chocolate blood

Oozing from her soul

Smeared through her bones


Hate is.

(June 2008)

Sylvia Plath eat your heart out..


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