I love rubber ducks. A little too much..

24 hours spent with the fhm’s (and co.) and I’m more than ready to venture southbound to the new house. With the new rubber ducks in tow. Of course. It makes me exceptionally happy that these people know me that little bit too much. 4 rub-a-dub ducks (recommended age 12month – 2years) provided hours of entertainment, primarily when it came to naming them (: And I’m sure you’re pleased to know that they’ve settled in just fine in Oxfordshire. Go on, you know you were wondering..

Let me introduce you:

This is Sebastian. Leader of the pack due to his originality in colour. He likes to sing ‘Under The Sea’ (originally by his non-namesake from The Little Mermaid) in a Jamaican accent, as well as being an avid Shakespeare fan, his actual namesake features in Twelfth Night.


Clive, second in command and general fun-lover, was aptly named by the wonderful Alice D-B (aka. the only convincing crazy ginger lady who isn’t actually naturally ginger). He likes long swims in the park and seriously nutty bread. Don’t ask, it’s just one of those things..


The youngest, Little Blu, owes his name to the ever-so-wonderful fhm responsible for buying me these beauties. With his baby-face and gentle temperament, Little Blu tends to stick to the back of the pack. He is also a massive fan of Pingu.

Little Blu

Finally, the rose amongst the thorns, Violet Saskia Theodore keeps the boys in check as the only female in the group. Don’t, however, let her pretentious name fool you, V is a black belt in karate and dreams of one day being an arse-kicking CIA agent like Sydney Bristow.

Violet Saskia Theodore

(For future reference, our house in B-town is Theodore, hence V’s surname. Just saying..)

So, there you have it. My beautiful new little ducklings.. Feel free to let me know how fabulous they are.


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