Oh football, excuse me if I don’t pay you all that much attention, it’s just that I can’t wait for you to stop clogging up my news feed..

So, the first thing I see this morning when passing the mirror are two bright red and purple tribal-warrior streaks across my face. Now I don’t know about you, but I’d say that’s a sign of a good evening. Or at the very least an amusing one.. Who knew that could happen when you volunteer to help backstage at your old school’s summer show?! Well, I, for one, did not. But hell I’d do it again! I know, I know, I seem to be mentioning make-up right, left and centre here, but it’s so much fun! Plus, when you help out at the old school you get to do unbelievably random things, such as paint the world’s scariest maths teacher’s hair bright orange. Easily the highlight of my week.. (Although I’m not sure if that’s a sad revelation, that my week has really been *that* dull in comparison?)

Anyway, yes, make-up. Fantastic. It was so refreshing to actually apply make-up to *all* the girls in the cast and not have them complain that they ‘look silly’, ‘really don’t like it’, ‘it’s not my colour’.. Really. Far too much of that goes on in AmDram productions. And actually that always confuses me, cause really, it’s what you look like *onstage*, to the audience that matters. Not backstage. Besides, the make-up room was a right laugh. Easily the most entertaining area of backstage (having said that, being roped in to help with mics, ‘techie-style’, was definitely amusing. Me and the ole’ drama teacher getting all tangled up while trying to attach wires to people’s faces? Oh man, what a disaster..), where else could you get away with painting your own faces in war-paint fashion! And get away with it..

It was illuminating watching the brother play a different kind of role as well. The *h.u.g.e* Mr Bumble (Oh, there was a lot of pillow stuffing going on there) made me more than a little proud. Still can’t get over just how powerful a set of lungs that boy’s got! Blimey. Absolutely fantastic.. In fact really, the whole show was. I stood there (in the door, like the broke student that I am) in awe at just how powerful a performance it was. Having been involved in all the previous musicals at the school, I’ve always just assumed they were ‘alright’. But I was, really really, pleasantly surprised by just how good I found the show having not been involved in it until literally show night (And even then I was just grabbed and given brushes..). From the abstract and atmospheric scenery, to the clarity and beauty of some of the kids’ vocal chords.. I felt like a proud mum! And I’ve only known half of them for about a week..

In other news: Both jobs have been started, the feet ache like a bitch, but the money will (hopefully) start piling up soon. Which’ll be a nice change.. The purse has been beginning to feel a little too comfortable being so light.


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