I never really appreciated how lovely the countryside is..

It’s strange. It takes being away from a place for a little while for you to appreciate just how amazing it is. I live in a tiny little village. In the middle of Oxfordshire. Where traffic is kept to the minimum and rolling hills frame each of the roads in and out of the village. The circus comes to visit every other year, and currently the biggest crisis is the audacity of the council for insisting upon tarmac bus stops. Seriously. Oxford itself is only an (albeit, expensive) 30 minute bus ride away, and it’s a pretty place.. (: It’s just bizarre that this time last year I probably wouldn’t have given the same description if you’d asked me about where I live. I’d have said it was too quiet, the public transport is shocking (although that *is* true), nothing ever happened, etc etc. But it’s quite nice to be back here now..

Last summer, y'know, when it was still sunny. And the bike hadn't died.. Sad times.

Take today for instance.. Spent the afternoon with friendlings in town. People watched (always a thrill), ate salad (I was on a tight budget), and critiqued their potential clubbing clothing choices. Then came home and randomly decided I wanted to run. God only knows why. I don’t do exercise. Ever. It’s like the anti-Jess thing to do. But hey, I did. And, amidst the lack of breathing, the beauty of the fields and hills around this place just kinda knocked me for six. I mean, I’m well aware of the fact that our village is in a ditch. That you have to go up hill to get out of here (And wow did that kill my legs). But I always forget just how peaceful it is..

Yes, I’m aware I’m sounding like a broken record, but y’know what? Tough. I’ve been hit by the nature spell today. And wow am I soaking it all in..

Obviously, this was all prior to the classic Jess-style trip that resulted in a ridiculously close chill-out session with the nettles. Bastardly things that they are..


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