This seems to be my new favourite anti-sleep pastime..(Plus there’s a spider in my bed, so sleep *really* isn’t going to happen soon)

Because apparently I really have turned into a vampire. Well, y’know, minus the whole blood-sucking aspect. (Although friendling decided I look like one of the vamps in new Twilight film. I haven’t seen it yet, but pretty sure there are worse people to be compared to?) But aside from that.. This insomnia thing is a real blast. I have even more hours in the day, mainly due to the father waking me up at stupid o’clock for no real apparent reason.. Add that to lack of sleep, and I’m practically awake constantly. Yay for vampire-isms. (Ps. Just a quick note for you Twilight fans.. My skin doesn’t sparkle in the sun, and I can’t run at the speed of light. I do need to breathe, and necrophilia isn’t my thing. I love food more than wet weather, and really really don’t like blood.)

Okay, that was a lie. Today early rising was necessary.. (Not the vamp stuff. That’s totally true) Basically, I’ve managed to involve myself with that beautiful make-up stuff, all over again. I’m just clever like that. This time it’s for the old school’s production of Oliver, a musical I know inside out (literally) due to being involved in a production my dad directed a few years ago. Now, the make-up’s pretty standard – pale base and gothic-y eyes for the workhouse, and dirty for fagin’s gang. While the girls, obviously, just have to look like toned-down tarts – fantastic. *Being* in the actual school though? Woah. Well that’s weird..

I already (within a morning) would need two hands to count the number of “Are you Sam’s sister..?” conversations I’ve had. (It’s not even as though we look alike..) As well as the generic “Where are you at uni? Are you studying drama? Like it?!” bullshit small talk. I don’t do small talk. I should really just get tee shirts printed – ‘Yes, I’m his sister’ and ‘Drama Student, Brighton. Stop me and ask me how.’ – because I’m sure that’d answer their questions upfront. Efficiency. That’s what we like to see.. Plus, the school itself is seriously bizarre. There’s suddenly this huge futuristic-style science building where the car park was. That’s different. And surreal. Oh so surreal.. There are kids I taught a couple of years ago at a primary, *PRIMARY*, school drama club (note, they were 10), who are now parading around as drunken slappers?! That’s just wrong dudes.. I can’t give them bright red lipstick! They’re like, mini people. Weird..

On the plus side, I’ve so far managed to avoid bruises. I know, I know what you’re thinking.. It’s early days. But hey, I may be able to make it. An entire week with no bruises? Oh wow, that’d be a challenge and a half.

I swear I’ve become a whole new person since Uni-fying myself. A whole new person who centres around being clumsy! Am really not 100% sure how exactly I manage to do it. Who else could turn around and elbow a door frame? Or punch the floor? Or knee their wardrobe within a minute of standing on a plug and dropping a hair dryer on their foot? Yeah.. I’m a genius. My parent’s must be *so* proud.


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