Do not roll out of the window. Do *not* roll out of the window..

There is too much at stake for me to end up as pavement-pancake in the morning. For the first time in the whole 11 years I’ve slept in this room, I’m risking the open window whilst I snooze. This, is a *big* deal. I don’t do panicky stuff, nuh-uh. (I mean really, you’ve met me right?) And the prospect of falling out any window (Particularly mine, where there’s nothing to grab to prevent said ‘splat’) is pretty high up there on the list of pain and panic (no, not the little devil things in Hercules. I mean, c’mon..) So, y’know, as is necessary, this is the potential last blog. Seriously. If I splat out that window tonight? That’s it, no more hat confessions from moi. You’ll have to find a new favourite (slight exaggeration) hat junkie to confuse you. Sorry dudes..

Anyway, as I said, far too much at stake. For starters the 2, count ’em 2, jobs I start next week. Fan-bloody-tastic. Gone from practically unemployable to all booked up in the space of about 4 days. And I still managed to keep most evenings free (: I like this game. Although, a little anxious about the whole shop thing. I mean, me? Selling fancy clothes? Have they met me? Oh crikey.. It’s gonna be interesting. Pub on the other hand. That’s a piece of cake really (provided it’s not chocolate). Bless the locals, who I’m steadily becoming one of, and their predictable drinks and tables. Love it.

Oh, I miss village life sometimes. It’s just so chilled. I keep getting mistaken for a city girl. Highly amusing concept really, when I’ve lived in’t middle of coun’ry side since I were small.. It’s the caffeine-cum-sunglasses addiction. Gotta be.

Then of course there’s the whole packing, unpacking and packing situation we’ve got going on. I mean seriously. If I fall out the window tonight, the Father would bring me back to life purely so he could kill me for trying to get out of helping. The parents have their priorities in order. Really. This whole packing thing is just their ploy of getting to spend time with me. I see right through their little ‘we-*really*-need-your-help’ chats. Come on guys, admit it, you’ve missed me. At least I know the cats have. (Only, of course, because they seem to find my bed comfier than anywhere else. Despite the slightly dead mattress..) Finding them in bed with me this morning was more than cute. And definitely a welcome morning cuddle (: They’re so scrummy..

The kitten (as I like to call her, despite her being 5 this year).

She takes after her mum. No really. They’re almost identical. And they’re all mine. Daddy got serious points for that 13th birthday present (:

So, just in case I do roll out the window, it really would not surprise me, I am in fact Miss Clumsy of the World 2010, I’m gonna love you and leave you.

With cuddles and sweet dreams..


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