The anti-procrastinate.

How to kick procrastination’s arse. The Jess Barton way..

1. Employ a parental to wake you up at stupid o’clock *every bleedin’ morning* to go for a walk.

2. Thrust CVs at every employee you see, cleverly crafted to include photo of you in hat. With said hat obscuring the bad side of the face. Genius.

3. Develop insomnia. Less time to waste sleeping.. No joke.

4. Announce publicly that you are still baby-sitting friendly. Yes, I don’t mind taking your money to sit here and watch your tv. Really, you go have a good night out..

5. Meet with ‘them-who-are-no-longer-in-your-life’ for coffee and toast and marmite. (Monday’s going to be fantastic. I’ve missed this boy..)

6. Break into song in the middle of pub garden. Self-explanatory really, it’s just a *good* thing to do.

7. Start packing, then unpacking, then packing, then unpacking boxes. Finally alphabetize dvds to come back Brighton-bound with you.

8. Debate the pros and cons of making cakes at 11pm. Start dragging ingredients out before deciding against it and putting them back. Lie in bed wishing you had cake.

Clearly the procrastinatory bug won’t stalk me too much this summer with these fantastic rules. Clearly..


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