The end of an exceptionally expensive year..

So here we have it. The final post to ever be written from room 20J. Huh.. Weird.

I’m sat in the middle of an almost empty room (taking down *the wall* was a mission) trying to work out if it was always this big? And why there’s an iron burn on the carpet. Or blu-tack on the ceiling.

It’s kinda strange to be fair, for a year this little room was the centre of it all, and now? Now it’s all squashed into stolen market boxes and bin liners. A sad state of affairs. Well, for today at least.. Next year I get to move in with two absolute crazies who (Occasionally. Oh, very occasionally) make me look sane. And I can introduce them to all the wonderful things House 20 has brought into my life.. Like, um, ooh cake baking. Always. And impromptu chocolate rice krispie cakes. And that I actually quite like washing up. (God I’m gonna make an amazing mum one day..) Sarcasm is a part of every day life. No question. Oh, and that singing is essential when in the kitchen. Or bathroom. Or stairs. Okay, anywhere and everywhere really.. That I’ll be covered in bruises by the end of the first week because apparently I’m not actually aware of where my limbs end, and that stairs are lethal, and mean, and pick on me.

Yeah.. Who thought letting me live on my own was a clever plan? Genius. Really. Aha, you’re in for a treat FHMs my lovelies.. Oh indeed.

It’s been a good last week though. Beautiful in fact. (Well, if we forget about the King of all hangovers earlier in the week.. Minor detail.) Spontaneous card-playing soirees, free ice-tea and free ice-cream, prawning on the beach and pre-Birthday celebrating. Karaoke and fancy dress times, easily the fave. Plus being Jessica Rabbit for an evening was fab. Yuh-huh.

If Jessica Rabbit did karaoke. And lost her gloves..

But for now it’s ‘So long House 20. It’s been an interesting year..’, and let’s introduce the Mother and the Brother to the FHMs.. Aha *claps hands gleefully*.


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