It would appear that my initials fail at life..

Apparently having a J/B party wasn’t the best idea in the world. It’s 5 days away and we’re still schtumped for clothing. The shortlists are in fact getting shorter and shorter as creativity gives way to practicality. Or plausibility in most cases. It’s actually not hugely possible to dress as a jammy dodger. Funny that.. I’ve never known a theme discussion take up valuable ‘watching-movie-time’. It was intense. (And the background music was an beautiful clash of tunes.)

And amid all this fancy dress confusion, there’s the daunting prospect of packing up the bedroom into currently non-existent boxes. The FHM was right. I should have had a ‘Box Party’. With a ‘leave boxes in hall when you go’ clause included. Then I’d be fine.. Aw crap. This is my last weekend of ever living on campus. Blimey that’s surreal.. So surreal. It’s like one of those ‘if-I-don’t-think-about-this-it’s-never-going-to-happen’ moments that actually do always happen, and always seem to come around a lot faster than they should have done because you were really hoping they wouldn’t. Yep. It’s deffo one of those.

Oh, and I’m really hungry.. Like the caterpillar.


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