Sometimes it’s necessary to rave to 90s pop.

The Corrs to be exact.

Oh it’s probably a good thing that the housemate downstairs has already moved out.  I doubt he’d have appreciated my elephant jumping on his ceiling. (The pet elephant. Y’know. The one in the corner. Clearly.) Still, early morning raves are awesome. They offer the kind of refreshment that is craved when you discover the housemates have broken the shower. Oh I almost cried this morning. Hand-held showers are really, really not cool. Nuh-uh. So yes, The Corrs were abso-bloody-lutely necessary this morning. As was resorting to the high school belief of wearing makeup for no reason.

Yesterday’s coffee shop hopping went interestingly. As often tends to happen when coffee shop hopping with the FHM coffee turned to dress shopping. Oh dear. In the rain in fact. Oh very big dear.. Gah. Felt oh-so-very judged walking round the South Laines in a man shirt and leggings. Sorry Little Miss ‘the clothes in this shop cost more than your arm and leg put together so maybe you should look somewhere else’.. I apologise for lowering the tone of your precious boutique.

Wow. I’m bitter today.. Where did that come from? It’s probably the lack of wheat in my life. I’m seriously missing marmite on toast.

Still, pretty dresses were bought. Always a good thing. And cupcakes.. Beautiful cupcakes. And, oh-my-life I’ve just turned into a girl. Cupcakes and dresses? Blimey. Who am I. And what have I done with myself.


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