Huh, hello Summer..

Blimey. Where exactly has the past year gone?? I’m pretty sure it was only a couple of days ago I was contemplating the life of all those Butterflies in my stomach and trying to work out if I could actually be scared of them if they were on the inside.. And yet, here I am. Made it. Huzzah. Lived through the first year of Uni. Didn’t hate the housemates. Managed to eat successfully. Didn’t quite fail the year. Didn’t actually get around to performing at all. Didn’t get a job. Oh crikey.. Hopefully second year will bring a slightly cheerier of ends. Having said that of course this year’s been bloody grand. Met new housemates (crazy fools like myself), Managed to actually make it to the beach before the year was out, Taught several skeptics the true joy of baking, Chopped all the hair off – eventually, Become a ‘regular’ at one of the most awesome vintage shops in’t world, Gained several new nicknames.. The list goes on. So maybe this year hasn’t been a complete failure, maybe. (:

Although I’m not entirely sure how I went through a whole year and still haven’t found a coffee shop with big squishy armchairs. C’mon Brighton, hit me up!

Oh and also, summer? Not looking so summery. “Hello rain my name’s Jess and you’ve just spent the last year ruining every single pair of shoes I own, so hey, I have an idea, bugger off!” Yeah, like it’ll listen to that. If only, right? What happened to that super hot weather we had in April, y’know the time when the imobile was nabbed, and the first tan lines appeared?? And oh my life I’ve just become a true British conform.. The weather?! Geez, would’ve liked to think I could find something slightly more interesting to chat about. Ooh okay, got one…

My birthday. Clearly the best day. In. The. Year. No question about it.. So what if I’m the baby of the group (always), I’ll be the last one to reach 40! Aha. Get’s them every time.. Anyway, yes. It shall be a blast. Well, I hope so.. And if no-one turns up I’ll just spin around in circles until passing out offers the only alternative. That’s a good plan.. Yes? Well, no. Not if like me you have a phobia of fainting. Then it’s just a ridiculous plan that’s never going to happen, and you’ll just sit there feeling sick and dizzy for a good 20 minutes before shouting at yourself for having such a dumb idea. That’s the realistic ending..

Anyway, off for coffee shop hopping times in the blustery wind and potential rain. Oh Brighton, I do love you. Hello, summer!!


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