Being poorly means I can finally catch up with myself.

Oh dear t’internet. I do apologise. I appear to have been neglecting you. Or rather, neglecting my t’internet tendencies. If it helps, I’m ill. Although I don’t really know how that helps anyone other than pharmacies, cause let’s be honest, they’re the only ones who profit from others’ illness.

So it’s been a strange couple of weeks:

-The hair ran away. But it looks pretty good, so I’m not gonna be putting any ‘Have you seen..’ posters out.

-The housemate dislocated her kneecap. Cause she’s a genius. And we spent just over 4 hours in A&E until 6 in the morning. Cause we’re silly people who wouldn’t listen when she told us to go. Really should’ve listened to her. It was a bizarre evening. In the pjs. In the hospital. 2 phones and 2 sets of keys between 4 of us. Roughly 20p, about enough for a third of a coffee. Fab.

-Ventured home. That was a good ‘un. There was sun – so much sun. And friendlings. And pubs. And a rubber duck race (which just about made my life). Oh I like the ‘shire.

-Ooh yeah, and all work was handed in. Now have 1 exam next week and I’m free! Which is a bloody scary thought. Like, super-duper scary. Where exactly has this year gone?



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