Today’s the day of super huge socks. Oh aye indeed..

Wednesday. The day that follows Tuesday. Funny that..

Always a good day Wednesday. Probably because Tuesday’s are always (without fail) so ridiculously shite that Wednesday can only ever be an improvement. Plus, today started with large socks. Thick, fluffy socks. A beauty of an invention, I’m sure you’ll agree. Especially in halls, where it’s cold when it should be hot, and hot when it should be cold. Oh blimey..

Actually, to be fair, there was definitely a crappy moment in the middle of the day. When the Asda people  forgot to ring me so I had to ring them, and then they said they couldn’t deliver until tomorrow. Screaming happened. As soon as the phone was hung up. It was a fun moment I assure you. Ha.

But anyhow, aside from the little scream in the middle of the day, Wednesday has been grand. I received a letter from Gordon Brown asking me to vote labour. Ta for that Gordy.. And ate pasta twice in one day. A huge achievement right there. Ooh, and the nails are a different colour. Oh yes, I’m just raking in the productivity.

Or I’m just a professional in the procrastination department. Which is, let’s be honest, more likely.

Tonight am off to see the second year drama student’s final performance. Which is weird as that’ll be me next year. An exceptionally daunting prospect, especially if this next year goes as uber-fast as this one has. Oh god I’m gonna have to be a grown-up. Like, a real one. I don’t like these thoughts. The ones where being a child is no longer acceptable and you have to have responsibilities and scary jobs and all that jazz. Oh dear..


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