One of those really, really annoying groups that exists purely as a result of some bastard running off with my phone.

Oh my life. I am actually going to have to make one of those god-awful facebook groups. This thought alone fills me with dread. And then to have to update new phone (when/if the insurance peeps come through..) with stupid amount of numbers? Oh dear. Oh very very big dear..

So yesterday was awesome, actually. Until the five minutes it took me to walk from the ticket barrier to the train, during which time someone nabbed my phone out of my bag. Fucker.

No seriously. It was sunny, unbelievably sunny (there was no breeze), munched chish and fips on the beach – followed by ice-cream. Of course. And shopping occurred. Which is always a good thing. Nothing beats retail therapy (: Especially when you find a fancy dress costume that not only makes you look good (if I do say so myself..) but will be totally acceptable to wear on other occasions. Love it.

Oh! And there are finally other people on campus. So it’s no longer a ghost town, which was definitely bizarre. And eerie.. Really really strange actually, especially as I kept hearing doors slamming in the house. Seriously, when you’re almost 100% sure that you’re the only one in house 20, and then the doors start slamming?! Oh my life, it’s not wonder I didn’t really leave my room on Friday! I’m so *not* a ghost person.. Vampires? Sure. But ghosts? Nuh-uh.

I have to say though, some people’s comments in reply to my loss of telemobile absolutely made my day.. Like the nice train man who let me use his phone to call Orange: “They don’t know, just lie. I’d have said I had an iPhone” Me: “I *did* have an iPhone”. Or a beautiful suggestion of hiring ninjas to lynch the fucker! I liked that one.. One of the worst things is probably the loss of photos. I’m one of those crazy fools who never backs up her telephone pics! Well, that just bit me in the arse! Luckily did save the London Fashion Week ones. Phew.. But lost all Bowling For Soup and random friendling get-togethers. Not cool. Oh yeah, and the fact that I actually don’t know anyone’s numbers. Like, at all. So am officially communication-less (excluding t’internet of course), which I don’t think I’ve been for about 5 years. Ouch..

Oh well, I guess that’ll serve me right for being one of those not in the slightest uncommon people who rely on (and are possibly addicted to) technology. Oh man..


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