Ranting is good for you damn it! So let me do it..

You know how sometimes you just actually really need to argue with someone, because the only possible way to clear your head and your thoughts is to have a mahoosive rant, but the other person Just. Won’t. Let. You..? I’m in that situation.

Sometimes it sucks being friends with such stubborn people. I mean don’t get me wrong, they ‘complete me’ (said in the most ironic way ever, so please for the love of god lower your eyebrow). But wow.. You can’t ever win.

It doesn’t help when it’s technicalogified either.. Words are fab n’ all, but people never seem to read them in the same context you intended. And then arguments that never needed to occur, happen. And *that’s* when being friends with stubborn people is a bummer.. Cause you just want to make your point and that be that, but then they won’t back down, even when there’s nothing to back down from. And then when the non-stubborn people join in? Well, that’s when I’ve got a problem..

If I’m in a shouty shouty sitch, then I need to see it through. And for someone else to tell me, ‘okay all over now’?? It makes me stabby. Oh, it makes me stabby.. The only thing worse than being told to stop, is for the other person involved in shouty shouty times, to not be shouty! How does that even try to work?! Shouty times are good for you damn it!! I promise they are. They get rid of bottled up anger and everything..


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