Oh hello Procrastination, we meet again..

I’m not entirely sure why I ever thought I’d be rid of it. We get along so very well, and actually I’m probably at my happiest when it’s around. But I feel so bad, so very bad, when it takes over my life.

Procrastination. That beautiful, sweet and yet soul-destroying word. It’s back again, and this time with a bang.

I rediscovered Alias. Season 2, and the best in my opinion. Although that could just be because they managed to include Bradley Cooper, Michael Vartan (my Mum’ll be a fan of that pic..) and David Anders in one season (and episode on some occasions), which of course naturally makes me more than a little happy. In fact if you aren’t familiar with the Jennifer Garner-meets-double agent spectacle, I suggest you check it out. Girl with gun. Kick-arse girl with gun. And a phenomenal number of wigs. Awesome.. Plus, it’s soundtrack is incredible. I kid you not.

I also rediscovered reading. But like, for pleasure. Woah. I know, I should have warned you, that’s crazy stuff. I’d actually forgotten that books existed outside of critic’s theories on Austen’s sexuality and Ancient Greek philosophies. It’s mind-boggling.. Really. It was probably going home that did it for me. making my way up those (note: carpeted) stairs and coming face to face with my mammoth library of teenage fiction. Pure bliss actually. And yes, I know, I’m an English student and should really be reading something more impressive than Stephanie Meyer, but (as an English student) all my super scary, ‘I’m intelligent really’ novels are here at Uni, so I might possibly have indulged in a little light-reading. It is the fave after all..

Another source of procrastination? Food experimentation. With limited ingredients. Last night I concocted bolognese sauce, but with vegetarian sausages. I’m sure it has a proper name, but funky-tomato-veggie-sausage-mush-stuff doesn’t sound all too appetising really. And it was surprisingly good, I’m proud to say. Sure the rice was slightly over-cooked, and the sausages were slightly under-cooked, but aside from that, a beautiful cuisine. And a time waster. Yay for time wasting!

So now, I’m in for yet another evening of procrastinating, although, does it count if you plan it?? Hmm.. Maybe I could say I have ‘plans’? Well, or not.


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