Just in case you’re a fan of more than mediocre caffeine..

It’s official. Caffeine addict status can be liberally applied without a scowl or cutting remark in sight. I have a scale and everything.. It’s kind of along the basis of 1-10, but it starts at Greggs (the typical cheap, easy and nasty) and ends at Starbucks (the epitome of a good vanilla latte). Costa’s is too bitter, whilst Millie’s Cookies isn’t strong enough. And the teensy little independent places have potential. Always a pleasant change from the mainstream ‘coffee-beans-R-us’ type places, but occasionally you’ll be served by the one person on that street who just can’t tell a good mug of coffee from next week. That’s always mildly disappointing. And that’s another thing, coffee should definitely be in a mug, unless you’re a take-out fan. Which actually I am, but that’s not the point.. Yesterday I was served a latte in a glass. Not even one of those ridiculous ones with the tiny little handle that actually it’s impossible to even fit your little finger through. An actual glass. That was odd. And near impossible to hold, let’s be honest..

Maybe I’m just a fan of mugs. Okay, stupid suggestion, I am definitely a fan of mugs. Not tacky, gimicky ones, I’m more than a little bit fussy about things like that, but still, I have 5 at uni, and maybe another 10 at home? The favourites are definitely the classic collection ‘marmite’ one and the ‘I need my fucking caffeine’ one. Okay, they sound gimicky. They’re not.

Next year, our house is just going to be a house of mugs. I can tell. These people appreciate kitchenware as much as I do. Which is excellent of course. The FHMs are wonderful people. We spent an afternoon making chocolate rice krispie cakes on Wednesday. Just because we could.. This is clearly an essential quality in any future housemate. Deffo.

This week has, in short, been wonderful. I’ve had that elated ‘I’m-going-home’ feeling in between my rib cages somewhere, which has been a pleasant change from the ‘oh-god-I-feel-rough’ feeling I’ve had for a while. Plus, got essays back and discovered I’m actually not failing – a very welcome revelation, rescued a rubber duck – he’s called Bertie and he’s currently looking after my room for the weekend, wore numerous hats and went out feeling very Audrey Hepburn inspired. An excellent week I’m sure you’ll agree.. The only thing that’ll make this better is seeing the Mother and ruffling the brother’s hair.

Yay for the weekend!!


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