And so the battle commenced. Break Down day (Part 2)

12.30pm – Shopping happened. Mother’s Day shopping. A bizarre activity to combine with break down day, but all the same it happened.

In fact it happened a whole lot. Amongst the rain. Oh the rain. And the discovery of rubber duck umbrellas and ‘the hungry caterpillar’ badges. It was a good time..

Then came the dreaded coffee indulgence.

3-5pm – Starbucks time. One skinny, vanilla, latte and mozzarella salad, and sleepiness began to look very friendly. In fact I even believe the words ‘numb is comfortable. Pink Floyd said so. And they were wise..’ were uttered.

5.15pm – All shops are closed now. It’s a Sunday. Sunday’s don’t function well. Neither did we.. So we went together hand in hand really..

5.30pm – Tesco. Jam section. Tears happened. Lots and lots of tears. Right in front of the Lemon and Lime Marmalade. Something’s telling me I won’t be invited back.. Epic fail.

It’s strange though.. I was disconcertingly calm all day, kind of spaced out.. And then literally FHM (future housemate, not For Him Mag.) picked up the Daddy’s favourite jam, and *woosh* tears appeared. Major crazy.. Then the other FHM (the northern one this time) sat with me as I rocked outside the supermarket and was stared at by ‘Stags on Parade’. I kid you not.. Could this week be any more surreal?

Bizarre. Very, very bizarre.

Then sushi was eaten. I morbid-ed out the other passengers on the train. And crossed campus having officially become the crazy, crying girl. Oh, it was fun..

And can’t even contact the Mother. Or the Brother. Lack of phone funds restrict that one from happening..

Lame. So very lame.


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