The night I was tempted to throw a party for my legs..

I’m pretty sure that whoever invented pancakes must have been a genius, and totally deserves an award. Or at the very least a hug. After the day I’ve had, they were the perfect first meal.

Technical rehearsals. Potentially the most tedious part of a performance. A technical rehearsal on a *Tuesday*. Well that should just really be illegal. But a technical rehearsal, on a Tuesday, when you’re a part of the technical team?! Oh my life, someone should really shoot me now. Whoever decided putting the band in that useful little part of the stage where the stage-left-wings usually are was a good idea?? Let me tell you now, “not such a good idea”. Not when you have the set that we do and enough scene changes to make you wonder whether the cast are actually ever going to make it on stage. And seriously mister-band-member-in-the-back-row-with-the-big-brass-instrument, if you continue to wriggle during the set changes and throw us off course, I will show you my legs. And not in a good way.

Seriously. I’m contemplating throwing a house-warming party for the beasts settling in on them. And we’ve only had one (half) run-through on the damn stage. Why did I think it was a good plan for me, ‘Miss Clumsy of The Year’, to volunteer for stage crew. I mean, this is just a really, really, very bad accident waiting to happen.

Having said this, my Tuesday wasn’t all bad. I made friends with some of the cast (and crew) and no longer feel like such a fraud sat in rehearsals knowing nobody. Cause yeah, I was that loser for the past couple of weeks. So I blagged it (as any semi-actor-person would), and chatted about my *apparent* skills at applying make-up, and previous experiences involving tedious tech rehearsals and no quick path from one side of the stage to the other (save legging across it).

And besides, any conversation that starts with “would *you* like a hug?”, said in a purely non-ironic way, is bound to be the start of a beautiful friendship.


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