Stuff actually happened this week..

This is very strange. I had a week where I actually did things. As opposed to, sat here and wrote about things.. Very, very bizarre.

For starters? I’ve infected fellow house 20-ites with a love for Glee. (And may possibly have rewatched all 13 episodes. *ahem*) This fills me with joy. Now they don’t shout at me for singing the most incredible songs, (and obsessing over Emma Pillsbury, and her wardrobe – seriously that lady is an icon.) but join in! Ahh, bliss.. Now just to get the same reaction from the boys.. Hmm. They’re tougher to break, but I’ll get ’em eventually. Mwahaha..

Oh god. Clearly coffee wasn’t such a good plan for breakfast. And lunch. And most probably sitting in the launderette for 2 hours didn’t help. The smell of washing powder may be screwing with my brain.. And watching the cycle spinning round. And round. And round. Over, and over, and over again. Huh..

In other news, this week I saw S Club perform. Well, 3 of them. It was, in a word, *awesome*. Yay for childhood favourites on a reunion tour! May possibly have made my year. Well, so far. Which if you think about it isn’t all that difficult seeing as how there’s been, oh, 3 weeks so far. Meh. Minor detail.. But yes, S Club. Amazing. To be fair I didn’t exactly *see* them as such, I saw a sea of shoulders from all angles. And very close proximity. It was kinda like the entire population of students in this city decided to play sardines in the smallest room of a club. Genius.

I’ve also discovered the joy of tearjerkers. I mean seriously. Cry-y films are awesome. We’ve compiled a list of ‘To See..’ and have in fact already seen 2 this week.. Ghost, a classic. And The Notebook, supposedly a film all girls should see, but one that’ll screw up any other future man.. And it’s true, Noah really is perfect. And if you’re not a fan of the romantic, tear inducing kind, it’s totally worth it for Rachel McAdams’ hair and clothes. Serious. There are some mega curls going on there.. Ones that have inspired me to wear my hair au naturale more often. Well, possibly with slight help from the tongs, but hey, we’ve got to tame the beast sometimes (:

And, myself and future housemate (exciting much?!) went on the trek of a lifetime and found a whole new lot of charity shops I didn’t know existed. Oh the joys.. Serious bargains to be found there. Oh yes. Am now the proud owner of a cute little mustard yellow bead necklace (it sounds awful I know, but I kid you not, it’s super scrummy) for the tiny little price of 99 pence. This makes me happy. Yuh-huh..


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