I should really learn not to write here when I’m sleepy. My brain is even more fuzzled than normal..

Why is it that at the one moment you look rougher than hell, the world and his dog seem to end up your house?! It sucks. Mega like.

Bear with me. I had four hours sleep last night. On a floor. Two of my housemates genius-ly fell asleep in my bed last night, forcing me to snooze on the hard, stone-like surface that is our carpet. I was not impressed. Funny that..

So needless to say I’ve spent the majority of today in a super grump. Well, maybe not a grump as such, but more a ‘get-on-the-wrong-side-of-me-and-your-knee-caps-will-wander-off-probably-with-the-aid-of-a-spoon’. And am currently sat here in major zombie mode while the rest of my house are huddled around a tv playing Fifa 09. Funnily enough I’m actually alright with my zombie-ness.. Even caffeine won’t force me to sit there and stare at football. Gimme rugby any day. Hells yes..

To be fair though, today hasn’t sucked all that much. I’ve written several mammoth emails. Had a good cry. Eaten an extortionate amount of biscuits. Played cards for 3 1/2 hours (it’s so damn addictive!). Oh, and watched another 2 episodes of Glee. Yes, I’ve started again. What can I say I’m a major Gleek head. I mean seriously, I’m obsessed.. My house don’t really know what to do with me. And I can’t stop singing the damn songs.. I mean I sing non-stop always anyway (: but the addition of showtunes is clearly grating on them. Oops, my bad..

Aha, this sentence actually just left the fashion-queen-housemate’s mouth ‘actually go to bed Jess. Don’t just stay up until 2 like you normally do, please?!‘ Bless her.. I did kind of say I was going to bed an hour ago.. Hmm. The vampire issue is back. As in I don’t sleep, not that I sneak into people’s rooms and drink their blood. That would just be odd. And kinda disgusting if we’re gonna be honest..

Hmm, so, bed, yes, plan. Oh dear.. The hair is going to rival Amy Winehouse’s in the morning. Bollocks.


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