Events today in Jessington World of Adventures..

Apparently I’d forgotten just how much free time seems to come hand in hand with being a student. Particularly a drama student who has 10 hours of classes a week, most of which occur on a Monday and Tuesday. Believe you me, one can get ever so slightly bored..

Prime example? Today, in Jess-land the inhabitants did not emerge until almost midday. Following on from an excellent birthday meal last night for two of her housemates.. Pyjamas were essential items of clothing until at least 3, as tea and toast provided the first conversation of the day with a wonderful accompaniment. Having finally dressed and put on the majority of my face, kitchen cleaning ensued. I kid you not. I spring-cleaned (in the middle of winter, yes.) the kitchen. By myself. Although to be fair it was pretty okay cause we rearranged the majority of stuff in there yesterday. I was so very much in my element. God I sound cool.. ‘Hi my name’s Jess and I’m an organisation addict’. Or something equally lame.

About midway through the afternoon though, as the curtains finally opened, Jess-land was treated to a lovely gift. The fashionable housemate decided to attack her wardrobe. Excellent times as she told us to dive in (: So, the wardrobe is smiling smugly with it’s new additions hanging side by side amongst god-knows-how-old tops and dresses..

Thank you Miss Fashionable of The House 2009.

Then this afternoon, disaster struck. Boredom. Sheer and utter boredom. There is really no other even slightly nice way of putting it.. Such a dreadful state to be in resulted in this:

Excuse the lovely housemate in the background. I think she makes the picture..

Followed by almost 2 hours worth of Bullshit. Good times indeed..

Finally though it’s 6.30. This is a good thing. An almost excellent thing in fact. As still to come today in Jessington World of Adventures:

Dinner time (: Followed by alcohol investment. Followed by alcohol consumption. Followed by (as the posh-boy housemate phrased it..) ‘one messy night’. Genius.


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