Christmas always means ‘reviews’. Mine doesn’t include stand-up.

I figured seeing as how it’s the 30th of December I’d do a review of 2009. Bullet-pointing all the key things that happened this year. I only got as far as February. Something’s telling me that if this –

  • Broke up with boyfriend.
  • Went skiing. With school. Only school trip ever worth mentioning. Me and the best friend had a feral cat living in our room. Which is actually quite worrying *now* that I think about it.
  • Was victim of rumours involving me and a ski instructor. Again. For the second year running.
  • Played Princess in village Panotmime. Opposite ex-ex-boyfriend. Best friend of ex-boyfriend. Current boyfriend of best friend (other best friend. Not feral cat best friend. Not that I’m saying my best friend is a feral cat. Just.. Oh read the above bullets again.). Involved love duet. And dance.

– can happen within the first 2 1/2 weeks of Feb, then I have no hope of reviewing the whole damn year. Scratch that. I have no desire to review the whole damn year. I could however possibly just stretch my little memory, and feelings, to the start of December. Although I’ll miss out the mammoth essays. You know what happens when I harp on about those.. Polar bears, and Twilight and stuff. And the bus journey home. You’ve heard all about that one too..

So, here’s what has happened during my “Christmas break”..

  • The brother’s birthday. Except I don’t know if I should include this one. Although it is technically what I came back early for. But I don’t think he’s allowed to be 16 yet. And therefore am disallowing it. Ha at you brother.
  • Carols on the green. Possibly the *best* village event of the year. I kid you not. I get to walk 10 steps from my front door to the ginormous sparkly tree on village green. Sing crimbo songs (which are clearly the fave.) Dodge the old folk trying to shove mulled wine and mince pies down my throat. And leg it to the pub, where I actually ended up singing this year. That doesn’t usually happen. Hmm..
  • Saw the friendlings for first time in very very long time. Saw the majority of my year for the first time in a very long time. Realised, again, why I couldn’t wait to leave said year.
  • Barton Christmas Party. You’ve heard about this one. It involved wrapping paper. And a bin bag.
  • Friendling Christmas dinner. At which we ate bread and olives. And drank the pub dry of Baileys. And I proved, yet again, why myself + pool cue does not = winning. Good times.
  • Christmas, of course, happened. And I nearly died from lung pain due to mega cough. Oh and got a shiny new imobile. This made me happy (:

And just as a little something extra for you all, I’ve probably consumed at least my body weight in chocolate and will soon be on record as the world’s ‘most likely to be mistaken for a whale’. Excellent. Now all that’s left to do is sort the house out for New Year (: Worry not.. Photos *will* follow.


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