I apologise Doctor.. I am indeed an eyeless teddy bear.

I often find myself wondering where exactly my bizarre sense of random thought patterns comes from. And then conversations like *this* actually occur, and I find all that doubt just disappears with a ‘poof’..

Picture the scene: A doctor’s waiting room. One very tense 18 year-old drama student trying to keep her mind off of the up-coming torture that is her final HPV jab (Ughh.. I’m feeling queezy just thinking about it.)

D: That’s okay Angel Pie.

Me: That’s not your name.

M: What?

Me: That’s *my* name. Get your own name.

M: I didn’t give it to me. Your Father did.

D: What?!

Me: That’s not her name, it’s my name. Give your wife her own name.

To which my Mum’s response was “Are you an eyeless teddy bear?” It was at that moment I realised that maybe I’m actually not all that strange. At least, not as much as a spawn of my parents has the potential to be.



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