All binbagged up and ready to roll..

It’s the week before Christmas. In Jess-land this means what? Not last minute present shopping (although that does still need to be done). Or last minute present wrapping (although that is also still yet to be done). Nuh-uh. Tis time for the annual Barton Christmas Party. And this means a delve into the depths of the nooks and crannies of the house to rustle up something fabulous. To wear that is.

This is why I love Christmas. Fancy dress is a must. Always. No matter what the theme. Or where the venue. There is always some way to incorporate dressing up. And I LOVE it. I mean mega love. Hugely insane mega love. And this year is no different.. Although the theme of ‘Credit Crunch’ left me baffled. Not gonna lie. What exactly do you wear to show credit crunch?? Especially with a limit of no more than £5. I mean in-keeping with the state of the world though it is, it doesn’t exactly scream cute little dress and mammoth heels. I mean, not really..

So this afternoon, having ransacked the house, I find myself left with this.. What exactly am I going to wear??

Crazy shiny space stuff, a binbag, and spotty wrapping paper. Genius

Then, after half an hour battling with a particularly nasty roll of sellotape.. (It didn’t like me, I kid you not. Bye bye perfect nails. Hello chipped beasts.)

So I might be copying Minnie Mouse. But I can live with that.

And hello kick-arse credit crunch costume (: I’m reckoning a pat on the back is most definitely deserved right about now. If not for the dress, then at least for the effort my poor little nails put into this. Hells yeah. And for the fact that I’m going out wearing plastic and paper. Although technically I’m not exactly *going out* as such, I’m just walking downstairs. Ooh, I hadn’t thought about stairs.. Crap.

Okay yes, I cheated with the heels.


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