Driving home for Christmas..

Driving home for Christmas.. Or at least spending far too many hours freezing my arse off on public transport, with more bags than an octopus could carry..

So very worth it though. Comfy bed, home cooked food, long bath, and cuddles with the cats deffo make up for the nightmare that was trying to cross London in rush-hour. People rush-hour. As in, oh-my-life-it’s-like-the-world-and-his-dog-have-decided-to-play-sardines-on-the-street type rush-hour. The joys.

Still, after two nights back in the ‘Shire I’m already back into my old routine of baby-sitting kids I’ve known since they were aged dot, stalking people who are having more fun than me on the book of face, and attempting to cope with the crisis that is local public transport. It makes me rant a little. Okay, or a lot. I get flustered when I have nothing to do.. And right now is definitely bordering on fluster mode. Or babble mode. Which I actually seem to have been in since handing in 3 very important essays on Wednesday. The kind that determine whether you’ve passed this first term or not. Y’know, those ones..

So whilst the stress of having those looming over me has finally been lifted off my shoulders, I now have that wonderful stress of logistics for the next 4 weeks to work out. I can’t drive. Genius that I am hasn’t passed yet. So we have to rely on public transport. There’s like a serious love/hate relationship between me and these buses.. I love being on the bus. I hate their stupid stupid timetable/unfair prices. They love my money. But hate it when I pay them all in coppers. Well, really it’s their own fault. If they’re gonna charge me £3.70 for a single ticket to, oh, 10 minutes up the road, then I’m gonna piss them off with my little copper pieces (: I have to entertain myself somehow.. (I apologise if you’re a bus driver on the 59 route, but really.. would it kill you to smile sometimes?) And now I just feel that I’ve been spoiled at Uni with their cheap, day-saver tickets, and every-20-minute-no-matter-what-until-3-in-the-morning bus times.. To come back here and have one bus an hour with the last bus at 7pm?! Who wants to end their night at 7?? My night usually *starts* later than that.

Grr.. That’s what you do to me local buses. Grr..


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