Sometimes I really worry about the British public..

..Then I remind myself that I have Yo Sushi issues and can’t even think about squeezy marmite without launching into a mighty fine rant, and so really don’t have much of a leg to stand on..

But really. What exactly is it about reality tv that grabs our nation’s attention and says ‘hey there I’m going to consume your lives and conversations for the next 2-4 months, and rack up your phone bill, and most likely take-over your dreams so I’m all you can think about’. I mean, why??

Now I’m not gonna lie.. I am most probably one of the hugest internet addicts about, a fact that has caused me some concern since this morning when I was directed to this link. (I swear I’m not considering self-harm. Nuh-uh.) But I really don’t understand the X Factor / Strictly / I’m A Celebrity.. craze that has officially attacked poor old Twitter. And most likely Facebook, but my homepage hates me and doesn’t really do what I want it to, except that now actually that doesn’t seem so bad, cause at least I can avoid “Say bye bye to Danyl, ladies and gents! #xfactor“, “Bored of Joe, hope he doesn’t win.” type comments. On every-other-single-flippin’-person’s-status. Major ouch. I just feel bad for the poor little website.. I mean it probably gets very bored just receiving the same comments over and over and over again from countless numbers of people. Show some variety dudes!

I’m all for variety. And would much rather read about.. well anything really. Even if it’s only 140 characters of anything. It’ll be a better 140 characters than those concerning Mister Cowell’s money-making-machines. No contest. No offence to Mister Cowell, of course. I’m a big fan of the dude. Just, y’know.. maybe give someone else a chance at Christmas number one, yeah? Excellent. In fact I’m pretty sure there’s a plot out there to get Rage Against the Machine as number one..

Let's get screamo-shit to number one (:

Which would be totally awesome. And the housemates may cool down on the mickey-taking of my ‘screamo-shit’.. Although they do at least agree that I don’t play ’emo-crap’ , just ‘screamo-shit’. Which I guess I can live with. Apparently “I like metal. Just not super super heavy metal. But not just soft wimpy metal” is too long a caption. So ‘screamo-shit’ it is (:

But anyway.. I’m really not fussed with what Cheryl Cole or Danni Minogue are wearing or have done to their hair, or which judges are fighting or not agreeing or being rude or being stupid. And I’m definitely not fussed with what the contestants are wearing, or doing with their hair.. I mean to be fair it’s a singing competition. And as a ‘singer’ I can relate that sometimes what you’re wearing can have an impact on the performance. But enough to warrant several hundred tweets about whether you’re wearing a toga, or a bed-sheet, or how it makes you look fat?! Nuh-uh peoples. C’mon.. And people say I talk a load of babble that really doesn’t need to be formed into little words and allowed to escape. This is the whole nation! Blimey..


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