B*Witched had it spot on, the weatherman is totally to blame. And cupid sucks. For the record..

I don’t care what anyone says. Bad reputation or not, this weather is ridiculous. Britain does *not* rain like this.


And not only is it completely destroying my only semi-waterproof shoes, a sure sign that wellies would be a good investment, it’s kinda depressing. I’m not gonna lie.. The first night it really poured, it was a little bit nice being all curled up in the duvet, listening to the thud thud thud on the ceiling (Oh yes, it’s at the thudding stage). But now, 3 weeks later?! It’s past the acceptable stage. Not only is it impossible to go anywhere hoping to still look as reasonably decent as you did when you left the house, but it’s causing emotional problems.

Kissing in the rain. Possibly one of the more favorable romantic gestures in my book. Well it’s all very well and all.. But how do you tell someone, after sharing this “experience”, that actually you’d be better off just friends. The whole ‘it’s not you, it’s me../you’re a really nice person and I want to stay your friend..’ crap that’s actually not a load of bollocks, but has been tarnished with the ‘lame excuse’ brush ever since people decided to be “nice” and lie rather than play the honesty card. Ughh. *This* is why I decided to stay single.. Damn you cupid. You suck. Seriously.

So, whilst I contemplate how to break it to Mister-nice-guy-but-just-not-for-me I guess I should get on with building my ark. Cause if the weatherman has anything to do with it, I’ll be needing it very soon.

Animals, grab your partners..


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