It’s totally acceptable to hate bus drivers.. Right?

Okay, so potential exaggeration there.. Because really, some bus drivers are just lovely, and don’t charge you the full amount, or have a nice little natter while you struggle to get you ticket out the machine. And the ones back at home all recognise me, so their all pretty damn lovely really. Well, apart from the one who hates me ever since I paid my fare entirely in coppers. He didn’t seem too impressed, and actually I’m pretty sure I’ve been blacklisted since *that* incident. Hmm. So maybe I should just veer away from bus drivers..

Anyway, this absolute idiot of a man last night actually thought that I, that would be *me*, was trying to blag my way onto his bus. It was 4.30am! I don’t have the mental capacity to even attempt that at the best of times, but on my way home after a night out?? (An *awesome* night out by the way.. Cheesy music is fucking brilliant. Hands down the best in the world.) Really, he must be deluded. So, I get on the bus, and the girl in front of me passes her ticket to the girl behind me.. Which is if you think about it bad enough really. But then.. I show him my ticket and he takes it off me, has this mahoosive ‘go’ at me about how it’s not my ticket, he just saw the girl pass it to me and that I wasn’t getting on unless I paid!! I was not impressed. I was like, ‘y’know you can check with the guy who sold it to me, cause I was the girl who couldn’t get it out of the machine!!’ Cause I never can. Which is really embarrassing. And I pull like half the roll of paper out, and really just wish the ground would open and swallow me up. Except that actually then I’d kinda be *in* the bus floor, which would really suck, cause just imagine how many people would walk on you.. And that just wouldn’t be cool really.. But that bus driver would totally remember me, cause he even said that I’m possibly the worst person he’s ever seen try to get a ticket out! Let down..

But what’s even worse is that I’m *always* lovely to bus drivers, but was so pissed off that I didn’t even say thank you when I got off, and felt guilty the entire trek home. Stupid stupid man. I mean, I always smile, say please and thank you. So really he’s not doing the bus driver species much good at all cause he’s just clarifying that really they’re a little too moody for their own good really. I mean, how could he think that this face would try to con my way onto a bus?? >>>

(Before the rain got to me..)

(Before the rain got to me..)

I mean, I’d just been stood in the rain and cold for almost an hour waiting for the damn bus.. And then the driver was a total muppet. This is just proof that they suck really. Sorted.


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