How to cram the last two craziest months of your life into a mere blog post.

Okay, so maybe it’s not simply a *mere* post. But it does seem pretty anti-climactic. Although I guess that’s my fault for not updating said blog. Okay, okay, it’s totally my fault. You can all stop with the judging, raised-eyebrow looks now..

Hmm.. So first off, Uni is HUGE! It’s this buzzing land that never sleeps. A little bubble of sexual antics and raging-hormones. Oh yeah, and a little bit of lectures and crap.. But that’s clearly a minor detail.

Living with eleven other people is interesting. Especially as only one shower works. And six people to share a kitchen that rivals Harry Potter’s broom closet in the ‘smallest-room-in-the-world’ competition.. Well, let’s just say words are beginning to fly.. Aha! And the number of ‘clean the bathroom!’ and ‘TAKE HAIR OUT OF PLUGHOLE’ signs!! Seriously.. You’d think one would be enough right? But no.. Apparently six are needed. Yes. Six signs, all paraphrasing the same message – clean your shit up. Basically. But clearly some people still don’t get it..

Anywho.. enough about hygiene and lack of space.. Brighton. Oh. My. Life. It’s beyond awesome. I mean really. I’ve never been somewhere so unbelievably quirky that I tend to be classed as normal?! Well, externally speaking of course. Cause sure, I may not have bright pink hair. Or dreadlocks. Or walk around in leather chaps and a policeman hat. But I’m totally rocking the kooky look. Sort of. If you can call bright pink lips and pencils in your hair vaguely normal. And I don’t even like pink. Nuh-uh.. So I’m still trying to work out the whole lips thing.. Hmm.

And the music scene!! Oh giddy-ness I love it.. The clubs.. Well, the cheesy ones at least!! Totally loving the fact that there’s a night dedicated to 70s, 80s and 90s cheese. It makes Thursdays clearly the best night of the week. And the artsy scene in the backstreets.. Let’s just say Halloween was brilliant. But we’ll avoid mentioning the train-wreck of a club on campus. Yes. We’ll just skip past that like it never happened.

I swear University is just that place that people go to have the time of their life? Screw a degree.. Let’s just meet stupid amounts of people, most of whom’s names we can’t remember the next day, spend a stupid amount of money on clothes and sharpie pens that we’ll then trash to create some funky costume, and then realise that we have to survive on half a loaf of bread and some noodles for the week. Excellent. Whoever came up with this genius plan deserves an award. Hells yeah.


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