University is a big scary place..

..And I’m not even there yet.

But just the preparations for it are giving me the butterflies. And when you have a serious phobia of butterflies like I do, let me tell you, it’s not too great. Yes I am aware that a butterfly phobia is odd, I have been told. Numerous times. I wonder what you’d call it?? Butterphobic? Flutterbyphobic?? Butterflobic?!?!

Anyway back to Uni.. I swear I’m too young to be leaving home. I mean who in their right mind would actually let me in charge of  house?! It’s ridiculous. Really. And obviously the thought of not knowing anyone is slowly eating away at my more than adequate stomach. Which is really quite annoying because actually I’ve found that it’s quite useful to have a stomach. Even if there is more of it than I’d like, so maybe actually nerves eating away at it isn’t *such* a bad thing, because then it might shrink in size? And the fact that ‘best-friend’ is Little Miss Organised 2009 really doesn’t help. Not when she was packed and ready over a week ago. Term doesn’t start till the *end* of September!! Really, having miss-perfect as your ‘best-friend’ does wonders for the self-esteem. And you can quote me on that.

But this whole thing with Uni, is knowing what exactly to take. I mean, obviously I don’t really want to cart my entire life down in boxes only to get there and discover that actually there’s been some serious mix-up and I’ve been assigned to live in the broom cupboard like a modern day Harry Potter. (And yes I am aware that Harry Potter is modern day, but it just seemed an appropriate thing to say) And then I would have the whole crap what do I actually need to keep and what can the ‘rents take back in our now huge looking car. So really it makes better sense to limit what I take in the first place, but that again brings me back to this ‘what-do-I-take-with-me’ malarkey. *And* on top of that I then have to work from two lists of things I really really want to take, and things that actually I really need to take, because I’m pretty sure that 37 hats and the latest Prison Break box set don’t feature too highly on that list. Which kind of sucks because that’s pretty much what my life revolves around at the moment (and yes another hat photo will be following).

But then on top of that whole not actually knowing what to pack of my own things.. There’s then the added issue of what to invest in. I mean how ironic would it be if the other 5 people I’m going to be living with all also turn up with a kettle each, but between the 6 of us there is no toaster?! I mean really, there should be a handbook for this sort of thing. Having said that there probably is a handbook, I’m just too skint at the moment (I’m getting used to student life already) to be able to afford one.

Huh, so while I go and contemplate the meaning of life. With some kettles and toasters thrown in. Here’s another hat pic for you to chew on. Although not literally please, cause saliva would really wreck an awesome hat. And possibly your computer.

Russian Hat

Me. In Russian hat. Pulling frequently seen funny face.


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